In photography I always strive for the story. Long boring photoshoots are not my thing, because the result is always predictable portraits in artificial scenery. I want my photos to tell a story. So I started this personal project in which the “objects” are always themselves, a project without a script, cheap accessories and staged scenes. A project which shows one simple day the way it unfolds.

This is a personal project with huge meaning to me, so the travel is included on my expense for selected low cost airline enabled destinations in Europe

Whats the deal?
The deal is two way here. You will receive a full day of great photos of your kid, I will receive my black and white photofilm for the project. 🙂
What you get?
– Reportage of 1 day of your loved one – no restriction on age
– Special photo film with B&W photography
– All selected photos (color and B&W) in full resolution in JPG, available for digital download
The price?
Starting at 450 EUR (valid for selected low fare Europe destinations)

Please take a look at the photofilms below

A day of Damyan

A Day of Gogo

A day of Ivan

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