Brief info

My name is Lyubo and I’m professional documentary photographer, based in Bulgaria.

I accept bookings everywhere in Bulgaria, but I see myself as destination photographer, so I had great adventures in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Scotland.

If you want to know more about me, please check out my portfolio, facebook or follow me on Instagram for my latest work

Events and awards

* Interview in Budoar website
* Part of the wedding photojournalists association – WPJA (2010-2015)
* Member of Fearless Photographers since 2015
* Cosmopolitan Bride Bulgaria – issue 2/2008

Corporate clients in Bulgaria

CallPoint/TELUS International Europe –

Knauf Bulgaria-

L’oreal Bulgaria-

ESRI Bulgaria-

VTBCapital –

Why choose you?


I have a simple answer to this question with a photograph

This photo is capture at a photo-shoot in December 2016 with 35+ years old camera, whose technology is at least 60 years old. To be able to use my state of the art lighting system I had to use wired trigger in order to be able to use my wireless triggers. The scene was metered with a digital camera and the compensated for the manual settings of my medium format film camera. I also did the film development. Apart from this photo, I photographed around 50 kids and juniors with my Fuji X system.  This is only a short story of one photograph that illustrates what photography means to me.

Photography is not a technology or experience. It is not talking and is not made with the latest digital cameras. Photography is not photoshop, the latest filter or Lightroom presets. I want my photographs to tell a story, to capture the moment, to stand the test of time. Photography for me is just a passion for perfection.

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